CASA for Children & Cartoon Network
Problem: Children from homes of domestic violence isolate themselves from socializing with others and they stop expressing how they feel.
Solution: The child will be able to talk to their mentor, who will be displayed as a cartoon character, through an app.  This makes it easier for the child to openly discuss difficult subject matters.





1. Allows child to send text messages and voicemails to their mentor who is displayed as the cartoon character.

2. Child can draw pictures and play games with their mentor through the utilization of art therapy.

3. A “daily checkup” notification will be sent to the child to ask how he or she is feeling that day.

4. Child can write journal entries to express their personal experiences and emotions.


CASA will partner with Cartoon Network to utilize their cartoon characters throughout the program.

Communication within domestic violence relationships can often lead to punishment.

Therefore, within this app, the child’s expressed feelings would instead be rewarded.

Safe Support Group Program

Children will have the opportunity to talk and connect with others who have gone through the same situations.

Published Story Book

Children will write out their personal experiences and feelings through the app and program. The stories, with permission, will be published in a book allowing the children's voices to be heard.  This will create awareness concerning domestic violence.